She Dreams

Dreaming keeps me going, reality is illusion

I dream about love what it must feel like to be in love

The love you see in the movies. Lying on whites,

sheets laying underneath the cover,

dancing silly, pillow fights, kissing passionately.

A reciprocated love, a person who yearns for you the same way you do,,

anticipating your presence with the same aching hurt

joking with the same level of laughter

I dream of friendships like coming over your house daily, sharing secrets,

coming over on birthdays, private jokes, like on tv shows

maybe this isn’t real but just an illusion

but I love to live in la la land, it’s what I live for

Dreaming allows me to live in the moment,

I catch myself as I speak out loud.

Sometimes they over take me

I can’t stay in reality because fantasies offer another way out

I lose myself in it all the tastes of forbidden fruits

the joys and bliss of love I dance in an empty house

until I realize he isn’t alongside me whoever he is,

Some made up picture in my head of perfection

I live to dream, it breeds me gives life to the other side of me

Uncovers the hidden corners in my spirit,

lets the sun shine on my soul,brightening my life

It’s the key to my heavy hurt that bleeds.

Forever I will lie in this world…. just to escape this world


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