Maybe this Isn’t Love

Maybe this is not love

but I have kissed your lips a thousand times

And they taste as sweet as any scoop of honey

I laid in your arms a million times in fantasy

And I experienced your tangible caress

Maybe you don’t love me but I have slow danced with you

to a melody as you twirled me in a circle

maybe this isn’t love but

we have shared so many jokes until I laughed to tears

I wait for you to call to me

and think of you in your absence,

Maybe it is just a fantasy

but these give warmth to a cold chill of loneliness

These false memories give breath to a slow beating heart

Maybe this is just infatuation

yet it is better than any reality

Slow kisses, warm hugs and gazing eyes that feel the same

I swear I smell your cologne despite never being so close

I know the frame of your eyes your lips I love the most

I could have sworn you wiped the tears away

I felt my heart beat each time you were near

Such a strong fantasy the fading of these trances

Leave me holding on to my arms just to recreate the comfort

Maybe you have no idea you see me yet not so

I’ll be holding on to these memories,

It’s you I can’t let go.

P.S. I love you….maybe


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