Black Lives Matter

If anyone feels bothered by the title you need to reevaluate your character. This movement has been the hashtag of many cases in regards to police brutality for the past year. I’m unable to turn on television or open my social media accounts without reading about the murder of blacks by the hands of police. I often see videos of white police officers beating black people who are already on the ground and unarmed. I just saw a video of a young black male who was cornered by police, put his hands up, got on the ground then an officer started kicking him in the face and the other officer proceeded to join in on the assault. This altercation resulted in a broken jaw among other injuries. I saw another video of a bunch of young teens and pre-teens girls being put in a choke hold by male officers. I’m not sure what happened but the children were at a swimming pool wearing bathing suits. This one specific girl in the video looked to have weighed only 110 pounds. This 12 year old girl and her peers sustained alarming injuries. Why is it okay for a white man to beat on black children? The fact that these children are black makes it acceptable? If this had been white children this would not have occurred. Any other circumstance if a little girl is beaten by an adult man he is labeled a coward and an abuser, he will go to jail but these cops are applauded or given paid leave.  Tell me why is it necessary to beat someone who is unarmed and on the ground, with their hands up or handcuffed? It drains me to watch these videos and see the comments that basically say big deal who cares, if they had put their hands up, not spoken back, if they had not been thugs or troublesome the police would not have killed them or beat them.

I won’t pretend some blacks are not criminals but they get beaten or killed when they cooperate or never have a gun or any other weapon. I watched a pregnant woman get slammed on her stomach after not providing identification for a parking dispute. She repeatedly told him she was pregnant but he hated her so much he probably wanted to kill her child just because she was born black. Even when blacks do nothing we are arrested the Sandra Bland case shows that. She got arrested for smoking a cigarette in her car and expressing her right to smoke. After she was handled roughly she died in prison. Although it was ruled a suicide I do not believe it especially since the cop who arrested her was fired from his old job for racism. What do you say about the Charleston shooting were the people in the church deserving of being shot in church? What was their crime? Did the senator deserve that? Was he a “thug”? The saddest part about this is that Dylan Roof was treated with respect after he was suspected of killing 9 people. He was protected and even said to have been giving a bullet proof vest and shielded by the police. I even heard they gave him Burger King. If these incidents do not show you America is dealing with racism in the police force what will. They basically congratulated him for murdering innocent blacks. This man burned American flags on his social media he should be labeled a terrorist but because he isn’t Muslim he is only labeled a shooter.

We have to do better as Americans. We cannot turn a blind eye like Raven Simone does who shockingly cannot understand the plight of non-wealthy African Americans even though she is black herself. Saying black lives matters means we want to be treated fairly in the justice system, and not be abused or killed due to racism. Please don’t say All Lives Matter of course it does but blacks are only about 13% of the population but are killed, harrassed, or  beaten at a percentage much higher than any race. No one lives in fear of the police like most black people do. They instill more fear than any serial killer could because if we die many don’t care or feel it is justified our blood has no value. No one chooses to be black we are born this way. We didn’t come by chose so please spare me the go back to Africa speech we have no idea where in Africa we are from but since we are here we deserve fair treatment, the right to live, to walk, to drive, to give birth, and to be protected just as others have… BlackLivesMatter


10 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Black Lives Matter. I’m getting exhausted with respectability politics, people saying that we need to be “nice” to police… for what?

    1. Ugh!! I saw a post by someone I was following – a white man no less – on how the police acted ‘lawfully but unfairly’. I wanted to rip my hair out. These people have no clue. #ACAB!

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot with the lion hunter stuff. Not that I don’t feel bad about the dead lion, but if people got that mad about any of the black lives…welll…yeah. Black lives matter.

    1. The fact they made a deal over a lion who is a violent animal that kills other animals all the time it says Black Americans an animal is valued more than you. Your death is not important. Imagine if someone’s brother was murdered but the parents didn’t care but flipped out when the dog was hit by a car. It looks that crazy.

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