Our Dance

 We like to dance with each foot following the other

I embrace you with open arms seeking caress

I lean forward to kiss you, you turn away

I see your sly smile, you love to tease me

Just as I walk away in anger you grab my arm

you swing me close to you my breath is heavy

I gaze into your eyes that, smile back at me

As I engage longer in this affair your heart melts

when I step closer to you, you pull away

yet, as I stumble and fall you catch me

Hearts yearning for the same lips

Eyes staring imagining the same thoughts

You twirl me in a circle I unravel

You tell me you don’t like to dance

but I know you had many partners

I know you only like to dance with me

I know your heart  yet your mouth tells lies

I know that because when the music stops…

You seal the night with a longing kiss


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