What happened to Sandra Bland?

We can never truly get into the mind of Sandra Bland. Her last thoughts, her last wish, what was she thinking before she died. This story like many others in the last year has re-awakened my “conscious” mindset. I cannot remove myself. I cannot turn a blind eye to it. I cannot pretend to know Sandra Bland what I have seen is videos on her social media. She reminds me much of myself in regards to speaking out against racial inequality. From what I saw of her video she was outspoken, informed and told things as they were.

We do not have a verdict nor a trial but I find it ironic that she was put in a separate cell, some speculate the police wanted to deal with her on their own after she supposedly assaulted an officer. Southern police have a long history of violating the rights of blacks and worse killing them. How many times is this going to happen? The circumstances behind her detainment puzzle me. If she was pulled over for missignaling why did it result into an altercation? Thanks to a passerby who witnessed the police arrest we hear Bland’s screams while being detained. The video shows her yelling that her head was slammed against the ground and she couldn’t hear. This supposed suicide sounds hard to believe. This woman spent only spent 3 days in jail and kills herself ? Even if she why did she feel so broken down she could no longer go on? I guess this is a different kind of strange fruit.


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