Does Love Exist?

I often hear someone say they are in love and months later they are removing pictures off of their Facebook, and Instagram  and posting hate messages about the other person. We throw around this topic of love like it’s a fad but rarely is it true love. I do not know exactly what love is. So often I see messed up relationships were the two claim to be in love but the relationship is toxic and only held together by the passions of the flesh. For these reasons, I wonder if love exist. As little girls we are fed these stories of a prince charming adding to our happiness or saving us from some type of pain in our lives yet when we grow up Prince Charming turns out to be a liar, manipulator or a cheater. I have seen this occurring in countless relationships.

In my opinion, women  seem to be the person in relationships who are madly in love yet their boyfriends or husbands seem detached or are cheaters. Which brings me to my second question: Do men love the same as women?  I see countless men living with wives or girlfriends but will step out on them without a second thought. Most men even act as if it should be accepted as if he is the only person with hormones. Some men make a joke of having two girls at once. They brag about getting caught and lying to their girlfriends or wives about ending their unfaithful ways only to cheat the next week. We are living in a side chick culture. The word has become well known and used in memes all over social media. Due to, this women start to believe being faithful is pointless. Some women feel you are either going to be faithful and get cheated on or be smart and have your own fun. In addition, we are living in a Y.O.L.O. culture we cannot find fulfillment in one person although we don’t want love many men and women are seeking hook ups to erase the nagging pain of loneliness.  While others, want love but cannot get it from their partners, some fall out of love, while others are guarded too afraid to be hurt again. But despite all of these negatives we sometimes find a rare couple who has been together for some time and they are faithful, honest and respectful. Then one is forced to think about it’s existence once more and think to themselves; “Will I find love ?” Does love exist?


5 thoughts on “Does Love Exist?

  1. I have a tattoo of a heart that shifts into a question mark behind my right ear. I drew it,it is my representation of all of those questions. What is love? Will I find it someday? Is it real? How do I know it’s not just another infatuation? How many different types of love are there? Why does family love me differently from my friends? etc. I still question most of it, but I’ve gotten comfortable enough with the feeling I get from it that I can slowly understand its complexity. It isn’t always about a couple who fall in love, what about the love you get from your pets, your friends, family, or the love you give your favorite sport, book, or movie? All of that is still love. There’s just different levels of intensity, at least that’s how I see it.

    I very much enjoyed reading this.

  2. The thing people often overlook is that love comes in a range of forms. It isn’t always with a significant other, man or woman. Love can be sought in family, friendships, pets (as the person above stated), passions, hobbies, etc. There are so many forms of an individual being capable of possessing love. Love is out there, it depends on your perspective of love and the range emotions associated with it.

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