Black and Patriotic?

After I see more and more news about blacks being shot down by police, or hear stories about blacks receiving higher mortgage rates, the KKK planning rallies to keep the Confederate flag I become frustrated and feel lost. Recently, I saw a video about black students stomping the American flag. This new challenge is called the Eric Shepphard Challenge. During the video I hear the white news reporter say something along the lines of if you don’t like it you can leave. Which sounds very familiar to Donald Trump’s comment “if black lives don’t matter then go back to Africa”. It’s crazy we live in a country that hangs a flag that symbolizes hate, racism and slavery and yet question why would any black person hate “your” country. Hmmm. We’ll if someone was enslaved, let free but still after over hundred years they are killed, incarcerated and ridiculed for their culture and when they ask for equal rights they are told, go back to Africa. Africa is not a country. Black people didn’t want to leave Africa nor do we know where we are from in Africa. Nor do we speak any of those African languages because our ancestors were killed if they tried to maintain their culture. So how ridiculous is it to wonder why a black person who’s ancestors helped build most of our monuments and most respected buildings could be upset with foul treatment in 2015.

As for leaving  America, I will say our family has been here for hundreds of years. America is all I know. I know nothing of my heritage of Africa. Do we ask gays to leave when they fight for civil rights or white women when they are fighting against sexism? Therefore no, I and other blacks can say we don’t like America as it is. No one should what is disgusting is we condemn Muslims, harass Mexicans and murder the black youth and then have the nerve to say we are the land of the free. Who is truly free? With such bold statements we should truly uphold these words instead of deflecting an obvious truth that we do not live by them. We care more about a cloth flag then the freedom of humans? We worry more about the symbol of liberty then maintaining it. When America stops repeating history with racist stunts like church burning then I can say I’m black and a proud American. Because saying it now would just be blind.


19 thoughts on “Black and Patriotic?

  1. Thank you! I understand exactly what and how you mean. I for one AM NOT patriotic at all, and I don’t celebrate the Fourth of July, but I do participate in elections, because if I live here I might as well make a difference. As funny as it may sound, our ancestors were still slaves during the Declaration of Independence signing. They didn’t have rights, or their freedom when this country became free, ironic right? So with the comment that, we should go back to Africa, we NEVER ASKED to come here in the first place. Hypothetically, say if all the African American and African population ‘went’ back to Africa, the economy would collapse on itself. Mass Exodus of the Black Culture, Consummation, Heritage, Work Ethic, etc, would cripple America so severely that everything would end. This country was built from the ground up on the backs of many races, almost every culture has been exploited. If the roots left the tree, then the tree would die. What would America do then if all the cultural roots left? Ask the lower class Caucasians to work even harder to make up the deficit? People say insensitive comments like the ones stated ignorantly, without thinking, if those actions really did come to fruition then they’d be royally screwed. This country was built on hate, and greed, and it will succumb to the same if real baseline issues aren’t dealt with.

    1. I love your comment about the economy dropping who would work the meager low paying jobs? The tree and root analogy is spot on. Thanks for reading my blog entry. It feels good to know I share the same opinion as others.

      1. Your welcome, and your post hit the proverbial nail on it’s head. Someone needed to say it, and truthfully it a touchy taboo topic that holds the key to moving forward as an entire race. I look forward to seeing more post, radical and otherwise. 😀

  2. I’ve felt heartbroken repeatedly the past year because it’s felt like the country giving up on the pretense of equality and decency being core values. I suppose the outrage at the way people are being abused is a sign that the pretense hasn’t been given up on, and that at least there are others who sincerely believe in the way things should be. But oh would I like to see some lessening of the cruelty heaped on people who happen not to be white.

  3. It is hard sometimes to not fall into despair when we feel the systematic and social inequity on so many levels of the society. Nonetheless, those of us who understand the long term effects of the issue on our community (such as the ‘school to prison pipeline’) must continue to educate our children, teach them tolerance and lift each other up so we are able to thrive, in spite of attitudes like those expressed by some arrogant and uninformed wanna-be politician with a bad hairdo.

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