Apologies from Cain

I’m sorry I’m a stain on your history.

 But I didn’t come by choice.

You murder our youth and silence our voice.

I’m sorry that you hate me.

But you don’t know me at all.

I know you think that I’m an ant.

Yet, I stand ten feet tall.

You prance around a flag.

That profited from our misery.

Shoot up our place of gathering.

The same repeated history.

You say it’s southern culture.

I think it’s racist rage.

It’s like blacks are still in chains.

I guess we’ll die a slave.

By Me


13 thoughts on “Apologies from Cain

  1. Excellent! I love when complex ideas and thoughts can be communicated with simplicity. So much of what we are experiencing right now…how we feel…whats on our hearts and minds…moments in history….you captured all of that in this piece. Thank you!

    1. I’m 24 I was raised with a conscious family it is just so much on my heart now. I originally wanted to talk about tv shows but these sad events leave me wanting to speak out.

      1. I definitely understand. Be thankful that your spirit still responds to your surroundings. For many people, they can’t even feel THAT

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