Big Sean will make you get the steppin’.

Big Sean’s video Play No Games featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign premiered at the BET After Party and I must say it is good. The video was inspired by the  90’s hit show Martin. Big Sean played the role of Martin while Brown played the role of Cole. Other characters posed as Gina, Tommy and Pam.  The opening began almost identical to the scenes from the Martin’s theme music . You know the stereotypically 90’s orange, purple and green background.  He appears with his Gina look-a-like along with the other look-a-likes with the exception of Ty Dolla $ign who seemed a bit out of place. The scene switches to an almost identical version of Martin Payne’s apartment. They proceed to throw a party and the Pam impersonator acts as the doorman snatching cash out of people’s hands well Pam, was always pretty aggressive. French Montana, arrives but is sent packing. The only person who is shown love is the Tommy impersonator who shows up and gets thrown against the wall by Pam. Just as the fun begins Big Sean comes from the bedroom and kicks everyone out. While some of the original characters made an appearance, the original character for Bruh man passed by, I mean what’s an episode of Martin without Bruh man climbing into the window. After two decades he still has not learned how to take the stairs. And let’s not forget about the star of the show Martin Lawrence,who appeared from the television at the end of the video to spoil the fun and told everyone to  “Get the Steppin !”. Overall I enjoyed the 90’s music playing while Big Sean poured his heart out too his Gina look-a-like, it brought me back to my childhood.


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