Power; Money, Romance and Loyalty


Starz’s hit show Power has every faithful viewer glued to the television. The show has enough scandal, deceit and plot twist to have any viewer foregoing a Saturday night at the club. It is already in it’s second season and has made quite a name for itself. It portrays a big time drug distributer named Ghost living in New York city with his wife Tasha and three kids. Ghost was beginning to have second thoughts about his lifestyle and hoped he could become a legitimate businessman with the opening of his new club called True.

However, his wife Tasha who has stuck by him through it all has become addicted to the allure of danger and fast money and wants him to remain faithful to his craft which has provided her with jewels, cars and a apartment uptown. Just as Ghost drifts emotionally away from his wife he runs into his high school sweetheart one night at his club. This proves to be more than just an old flame but a test of love and loyalty.  What Angela doesn’t know is that James St. Patrick is more than her true love but the very man her team of federal investigators have been looking for. James, is told that Angela is just a lawyer she fails to mention she is a federal prosecutor. This begins a steamy affair which his wife Tasha later finds out about with the help of his very naive driver, Shawn. Shawn is in love with Jame’s wife Tasha and would have done anything she asked.

As the second  season airs Shawn’s days as a hopeless love sick puppy comes to a halt. Tasha, sleeps with Shawn out of a dyer need for affection. But after she thinks her husband has ended his affair she feels secure and no longer needs Shawn. Shawn’s character is slowly becoming a man. His father’s (Kanan) release from prison will be a test of loyalty to his boss, Ghost who has took care of him since his father went in prison and his father who is secretly planning against Ghost and Tommy, Ghost’s best friend and partner. During the last episode Angela confesses to James that she is investigating Tommy who she believes to be Ghost. James denies the  allegation against Tommy and realizes Angela, the love of his life may be the very person to ruin it.

Angela is told early on by her boss that in her line of work women have to put love on the back burner. Angela realizes her love for James threatens her ability to perform her job. What she doesn’t realize is it blinds her, She never questions how ridiculous it is to believe how James who was once a boy on the corner could own several laundrymats and make enough money to open a high end club all while working alongside Tommy who is a big time drug dealer. James is told he may have to testify against Tommy so he and Angela could be together after he divorces Tasha. James seemed to be considering this. All of this is happening while Kanan is planning to kill Ghost and reclaim his throne as the biggest drug dealer in New York. Will James choose romance over his friendship with Tommy?


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