Housewives Couples Feud

The Real Housewives of Atlanta have done it again. It seems that any time they get together these ladies rarely have a come to Jesus moment but rather a trip to a therapist or hospital. Nene’s couples therapy love fest ended in broken ribs and sore throats. Nene’s master mind plan of pretending to bring this group of couples together by asking them inappropriate questions ended in nothing more than arguments and brawls.

As Nene strolls around in red lingerie prancing about asking every not to look at her. She poses a series of general questions directly targeted towards individuals in the group. Later in the evening Natalie and her husband who were both humilated by Kenya insinuating that Natalie’s husband does not claim her as his wife finally addressed the issue. Natalie’s husband stands up speaking to Kenya as Natalie reprimands Kenya. Kenya then gets up as if she was about to hit Natalie. Natalie’s husband reaches for Kenya’s arm and Kenya then overeacts, as usual. Kenya’s friend then jumps up charging toward  Natalie’s husband. This is when things go ary. Peter then jumps in and Apollo jumps in to help Peter. Apoll’s became totally out of control. He was hitting Brandon with the image of Kenya’s face no doubt.

Even though Nene, brought about all of these negative feelings with her controversial questions she screams at Kenya for getting up as if she was about to hit Natalie. Kenya, blames Apollo for spinning out of control and makes a comment saying that he was having a flashback from jail.

Although, this all makes for great televeision the startling thing is this heavily affects people’s life after the cameras go off. Apollo, could be facing jail time for his assault against Kenya’s friend Brandon.


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