Opportunist Men of ATL


After watching tonights episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Todd’s motives for dating Kandi were questioned yet again.

Messy Kenya held nothing back when it came to bringing up Todd’s former relationship in which he was labeled a hustler a.ka. opportunist by Cynthia’s friend.

Todd’s sincerity in his relationship has been questioned by his future mother-in law several times and honestly he is not appearing authentic.

Honestly, none of the housewives’ husbands or future husbands seem to be financially compatible to their love interest. Apollo, was the first to appear shady with his criminal past and good looks. Phaedra’s prominent law career made her an easy target to be taken advantage of by a younger and attractive man. Apollo, is more attractive than Phaedra and could have his pick of many of the women in Atlanta. Why is he with Phaedra is it her uppity personality? Maybe it’s her nice home and alluring image of financial stability.

In comparison, with their white counterparts who are often viewed as botoxed induced gold diggers the black women of the show seem to be suga mommas which is a contradiction to the title housewife.

What does this say about the roles of black men and women? Does this express a lack of drive and morality that the black women are still subjected to unambitious men looking to leech off the fame and money of black women?


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